Error during WebSocket handshake

Hello, i’ve installed the latest version of jitsi-docker in my own vps.
i got the following error when two participants join the meeting:

WebSocket connection to ‘wss://my-domain-name/colibri-ws/’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 405, how i can fix it please ?
Thank you.

Do you see any errors in the web or jvb containers?

Thanks for the reply @saghul, here are my jvb and web log files jvb logs , web logs

Hum, I don’t see anything in the logs, other than the 405 you mentioned. Do you have any other web server fronting the Docker setup or is it directly exposed to the Internet.

Yes, I’m using apache as a Reverse Proxy for jitsi docker. here is my apache configurations:

ProxyPass "/" "http://localhost:8000/"
ProxyPassReverse "/" "http://localhost:8000/"
ProxyPass "/http-bind" "http://localhost:8000/http-bind/"
ProxyPassReverse "/http-bind" "http://localhost:8000/http-bind"
ProxyPass /colibri-ws/ ws://localhost:9090/colibri-ws/ retry=0
ProxyPassReverse /colibri-ws/ ws://localhost:9090/colibri-ws/

I’m not familiar with Apache reverse proxying for Web Socket connections. I suspect some extra config might be needed. /colibri-ws/ is a WS endpoint.


Had the same problem. After some investigations noticed that 9090 port is used inside docker, and is not exposed. (Try netstat -lnp to see it or look inside docker-compose.yml). Moreover, it is reverse-proxied inside docker image.
Therefore, if you run jitsi docker behind reverse proxy, you should use port 8000 instead (at least it worked for me).