Error during installing jitsi Meet

Hello Everybody
First of all, English isn’t my language, so if I make same errors… i’m Italian.

I’ve installed Jitsi Meet on a Virtual Machine Ubuntu 19.10. It works fine, I made a port Forwording for Ports tcp 443,4443, and udp 10000. I can use my server by mi domain ***.duckdns org. It works, but only for 2 people. If I access with a third device, the connection will lose… Sometimes all people went with microphone and webcam disabled, others time I get an error like in the image. So I need to run

root@andrea-VirtualBox:/# sudo systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge
root@andrea-VirtualBox:/# sudo systemctl restart jicofo

But it works only for 2 people. What can I do?

I can’t upload documents because i’m a new user… i’ll send my log captured with Chrome

Thanks for all that will reply.

Have you done the public & private address setting for jvb?

Oh yes…
I added tho rows to this file: /etc/jitsi/videobridge/<><x.x.x.x>

I checked that with my running configuration and I have


where is my public IP.

First guess: Remove the brackets if you did not already remove them. :slight_smile:

Second guess: Try to get it running without any form of nat or firewall first, then start from this configuration.

Hello Everybody,
Now looks that it works… this afternoon or this evening I’ll check it… I had a small problem… with two devices it works but with the third the connection on third device lose… but can be my third device’s network.

Have a nice day

I just test my JitSi Meet… I’m desolated but it doesn’t works… With my domain *, I can’t connect more then 3 hosts, otherwise I lost the connection on all devices. But if all devices are connected at the same LAN, the problem disappears… On my router (Technicolor TIM), I forwarded the UDP port 10000, and the port TCP 10000. What can I do?


Why my message was blocked?

So… I’ll repeat all :slight_smile:

I tested my Jitsi Meet… it works fine in LAN, with 3 devices, but when one of this devices went under another network (e.g. 4g), the third devices stop sending video and don’t receive nothing… If I test the port 10000, it results locked but I think that it tests the TCP, not the UDP… What can I do? In my router (Technicolor TIM), I had forwarded that port… I Haven’t ideas…


Hello Everyone!

I found the bug inside my configuration…
When I was wrong with the brackets, in the local and public ip, I followed the advise of @clecap

But I shouldn’t use my internal ip, instead of did not allow proper redirection when i was under another Network… now it works…

Thanks to all!

Have you add the public address?

Good Evening!

Of course I added my public ip address… but for privacy I didn’t published into the forum… Now I’ll have a meet with 9 people… I hop that all will work good.

Good night,