Error connecting to websocket (403 FORBIDDEN) when trying to use jitsi behind router

For testing reasons I want to expose my local jitsi installation to the outside world.
I used the docker setup and everything works fine when I access localhost.
However, when I try to access it via my public ip, the websocket connection is rejected with a 403 error.

Here is what I did:

  • setup port forwarding for port 8443
  • changed DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS to
  • changed PUBLIC_URL to

( being my actual publuc ip address in this case)

Is there something I forgot? Some more ports I need to foward?

Any tipps on what to try are highly appreciated!

PS: When accessing the public url, jitsi loads as normal and I can join a meeting. However, it then tells me that it was disconnected and will reconnect shortly. The console shows me the websocket connection error. However, to access the url, I first need to add an exception for the self signed certificate to firefox (just in case that matters)