Error conference name

If I enter the conference name (: two words lowercased hyphenated) of a certain meeting via link or by typing the letters,
jitsi is opening up a false conference room with a false conference name shown on top of the camera screen (: two words uppercased without hyphen).
Formerly I once entered this false name by mistake in writing.
Now I can‘t find any way to get into the wanted meeting because jitsi is always opening the wrong conference room irrespective of using an Apple or Android device.
Advice to fix this error will be appriciated.

Welcome to the forum.

As advised in the text box when entering a desired meeting name, special characters are ignored. Additionally, all words are concatenated as one string of characters. If you choose to use a room name with special characters, be sure to use the invite link made available in the meeting as the shared link for others to join.

Thanks for your quick answer
I need some time to reply.