Error at waiting guest access after moderator access

Hi all!
In our organization we installed Jitsi in our server, enabling token authentication and also secure domain. Besides we made a little change in JitsiMeet web-client in order to enable automatically waiting room at moderator access. Until now this change perfectly worked, but getting last May release of JitsiMeet web-client a problem has arisen. While when moderator enters to room before other participants web-client keeps on working rightly everywhere, when guest is in waiting state for moderator and then goes to waiting room at moderator access, when moderator accepts guest participation, moderator can normally see and hear guest, but guest sometimes (not systematically) can’t see and hear moderator. It’s like if guest remains in a suspended state. Looking at webrtc-internals, audio and video received tracks are correctly present, besides in conference stats room participants are correctly 2, in fact on moderator side everything perfectly work. Only on guest side there is this issue; web console doesn’t return specific errors and also in prodosy, jicofo and jvb logs there aren’t errors, so I don’t know where I could investigate. Besides this problem doesn’t occur on app, but only with guest access through web client. Could someone get a hint to me in order to understand this odd behavior?
Thanks very much!

This may be a browser side cache issue. Try with a private browser session

Thanks for your answer, but also in anonymous session this problem is still present: I guess it could be a rendering problem because audio is connected while video tile doesn’t appear, even if video stream is received (from chrome://webrtc-internals).