Error 520 with Jitsi and Cloudflare

Did anyone ever find a fix for this? I tried the suggestions made in another post, but they didn’t work for me. Basically, I’m getting an Error 520 on my Jitsi installation when Cloudflare is turned on. This happened on a straight plain vanilla installation, even before any kind of security was applied.

Anyone manage to fix this issue? Still can’t run Jitsi with Cloudflare proxy on. :confused:

Anyone with thoughts on this?

I’m not familar with Cloudflare, I want to ask something. Which server serves the TLS certificate in your case? Cloudflare or Jitsi server?

If this is the Cloudflare server, does it direct the traffic to the TCP/4444?

Thanks for responding, @emrah. Jitsi serves the certificate through Letsencrypt. I did the basic (quick install) several times over and it’s still the same thing.

Then if it works without CloudFlare, Jitsi-meet works.
It’s a Cloudflare issue, that is, it’s not (probably) a Cloudflare bug but a Cloudflare setting that you have to get right. It’s off topic on this forum. You can go to the Cloudflare forum to try to get some help:

While it’s beside the point I can’t help to wonder what could be the use of Cloudflare for a Jitsi server ? it will probably not cache video data - and it would be most probably be truly bad for latency if it did - and as of the second motivation for Cloudflare, that is, hiding your true IP address, I am not sure that it would work with WebRtc since it’s notorious for not allowing it. Some people are refusing to use WebRtc for that.

Why are you always so snarky??? Like dude, no one is holding a gun to your head to help. I’m yet to see one response of yours that’s not laced with some level of disdain or consternation. Please, miss me with your insolence!

Clearly, I’m not the only one, or even the first one, to have this problem - and ask this question. It’s never been posted here as resolved, so checking to see if anyone found a solution. Of course, Jitsi works - most applications work when silo-ed in their own environment, but applications are not run in complete isolation. So if there’s any issue anywhere, it’s not crazy to try to find out from all ends. Everything else I have runs behind this Cloudflare proxy without problems, so clearly, it’s something with the way Jitsi is setup and perhaps the way Cloudflare reads that setup. It’s certainly one or the other.

As to the remainder of your comment, those are probably valid points and considerations. If there’s a way to make it work though, it would be great.