Error 520, Fresh Installation of Jitsi

I did a fresh installation of Jitsi (new server, installed Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS and then Jitsi Meet). Everything went smoothly (with THIS install), no errors, several checkpoints and all green lights. Even got the Letsencryot certificate. But when I go to my URL, I get a 520 error (see image). I use Cloudflare, as shown.

It’s pertinent to note that I’ve initially partially-successfully done an installation with the same DNS settings (I say partially because I was able to get to the Jitsi page and create a room, but could not get past the mic and camera permission pop-up).

Any ideas on what I may be missing? Please help.!

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 11.31.03 AM|557x500

P.S: I already searched through the forum and the closest case I came across worked with Cloudflare turned off; mine doesn’t.

Hi @Freddie,
Did you enable the proxy ?

Hi @akalana,

Thanks for responding. No, I didn’t do that. Should I have? If so, where?

There are not much info in your post… but try this

Thanks @Lissandro! Using that guide, I stopped Cloudflare then restarted Nginx and I think that solved it - meaning, I’m able to get to my Jitsi page now. Thank you.

BUT if I try to re-enable Cloudflare, then I’m back to the same problem. So now, I seem to have the same issue that others have reported.