Erased my letsencrypt certificates but I reached the limit! Can I submit multiple domains?

Hello community,
I successfully deployed an instance of Jitsi on docker, but I erased files for testing and made an error: I also erased my cert keys! I have reached the limit of 5 certificates with the exact same domains list (of only one). On a bare metal install, I could insert the domain in a domain list in a regular nginx service and call it a day.

Is there a way to trick the jitsi-meet-docker stack to submit multiple domains, including the one I need to regain my keys (and save them in a zip file until I finished my tests). The other domains will fail and I don’t care, I just want the main domain keys!

I was able to generate letsencrypt certificates outside of the container…
Is there a way to paste it in the docker environment?

Use bind mounts for sharing the files with container.

In the end, since I know absolutely nothing about certs, I don’t know how to re-generate them outside the container…

I ended-up adding another domain to my zone editor for now and will re-add the right one next week when the limit is down… We need to keep on moving!