Eparto.net: to organize your Jitsi meetings, meeting schedules and attendees

I’m working on a new website: eparto.net

This site is for jitsi admins/users to organize their meetings, meeting schedules and attendees. It has not been completed yet but I’m publishing it to get early feedback.

The current features:

  • domain partnership
    share your Jitsi domain/server with your partners then they can create meetings on this domain but they cannot update its settings or access the secrets (if this is a tokenized server)

  • meeting room partnership
    share only some meeting rooms with your partners then they can only create meetings on these rooms.

  • meeting membership
    create membership key and send it to your participants then they can become a permanent member of the related meeting.

  • scheduled meeting
    create meeting schedules then the participants will be redirected to the meeting if it’s started.


Hello @emrah,

I just found your new project :wink:
It looks almost like the jitsi-admin which you already know :slight_smile:

Perhaps we can work together to make a FOSS solution even better