Environment Setup related issues

My make command is throwing an error. npm and node have already been successfully installed. But the make command to build the project, in the terminal of project directory, is throwing an error which I am not able to solve. Anyone who can help?

What version of node and npm are you using?

npm version 8.15.0
and node version v16.17.0

Thanks @damencho . It did solve the above error. But I am now having some other issues also. My libs folder was not there in my project directory because of which Error with error code 2 is popping up upon make command. I tried cloning again but still no libs folder was there. So I had to ask my batchmate (who has set up the jitsi environment already) to send me the libs folder which I copied in my project directory.
Still the same error is happening.

I don’t think that will work with the powershell you need the linux terminal … Sorry have no experience with windows, so I will not be of much help

Have the same issue. Anyone who can guide me through this?

The script expects rm command to be available. Either fix it with something that is available … or better use WSL

@horymury I am having an error with Error code 2 in running the make command to build the jitsi-meet. I am working on windows. Can you help me with this