Enterprise Deployment - Server Specs



Hey all,

I have looked in the past and havent seen much about this but I was wondering what the recommended deployment is for a Jitsi Meet server? Is it better to deploy as a VM or deployed as a bare metal server (no virtualization, jitsi installed directly onto a server). I currently have it deployed on an ESXi server as a VM. My concern is that since other VMs are deployed on this server, it will hit bandwidth bottlenecks due to all the other VMs sharing the same gigabit NIC? This deployment is on an offline network and we do not have a TURN server, so all Jitsi Meet conferences are going through the Jitsi Meet server.

My next question is, RAM… How much RAM is recommended ? I believe it is currently deployed with 2GB RAM. We expect to have around 200 users on the network. (that does not mean everyone will be using it at the same time).



All meet.jit.si instances are running on aws as VM, with different sizes and bandwidth capabilities, so running as a vm is fine, of course you need to make sure that enough bandwidth is available to the instance running jvb.
If you are running jvb and jicofo on the same machine I would say that you need at least 8GB of RAM, both process by default are running with java vm params which allows the process to take up to 3GB of RAM.
Hope this helps.


Awesome, thank you very much @damencho ! Exactly what I was looking for!