Enhance Frontend (Ubuntu, Package Installation)

Hi, we’ve installed Jitsi with the help of the quick-install documentation on Ubuntu 18.04 (we used the packages). Everything is running fine and i’ve read through the documentation of jitsi-meet and know how to work with it’s files.

But i don’t know where i have to place those files or how to enable them to be used for jitsi-meet. Is this even possible while using only the packages or do i have to install a seperate webserver like nginx oder apache to handle this? How is jits-meet delivered from the package installation?

Thanks in advance and thanks a lot for your great solution you made available for us all.


Please give more details, what do you want to do?
Jitsi-meet is installed and you need to access it using the domain you had entered during installation.

Thanks for your fast reply.

We have given it a domain subdomain.domain.tld. Everything works fine, but we want to customize the frontend of jitsi-meet. For Example we want to place a background image at the homepage where you create the conference rooms.

I found the source files in /usr/share but changes within this folder don’t make it to the browser. I downloaded the sourcecode from https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet to check this for some information but don’t find any. When i apply my changes to the files (we only want to change css / html ) i don’t know where to place them on my Ubuntu 18.04 Server to get them deployed to the browser.

For now there is no additional installated software other then jitsi on this server.

I think that following information would help me a lot:

  • how is the website delivered within the default installation?
  • where do i have to place my custom html / css changes within the default installation to get delivered to the browser client

I really appreciate your help.

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The easiest way, install nginx install jitsi-meet: download from git sources, npm install && make and then change the root in nginx from /usr/share/jitsi-meet to the folder you build.

Sorry for my late reply. Ok thanks, thought about that before but was not sure. But there is no nginx installed when using the packages - am i right with this one?

So i need to install nginx and then create a vhost for the given domain and forward it to the jitsi-meet that a customized.

Nope, after installing you just change original one to use the builded, you just change root /usr/share/jitsi-meet.

Hi, ok i looked for nginx on my installation but there is no nginx installed. I think that the official Ubuntu packages uses jetty for website deployment. I tried to find some configuration for jetty but i don’t find anything on my system.

Is this even possible with jetty? If not how can i disable jetty and switch to nginx?

This is in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-commuunicator.properties. The easiest way is to purge everything, install nginx and then install jitsi-meet.

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:+1: Thanks a lot for your time, patience and help!