English transcription in jitsi not working like meet.google.com

I have configure jigasi for transcription using English language. I am using google speech to text service.
It converts speech to text as subtitles. But it’s performance is not same like meet.google.com. As I am using google speech to text serving paid version where meet.google.com is also a google product.
meet.google.com performance is so much better.

But why transcription performance is differ in two place?
How can I achieve transcription performance like meet.google.com in jitsi?

Thanks in advance

There’s a more expensive transcription service offered by google (I think it’s called ‘video mode’ or something like that). It’s more accurate, but it’s also more expensive. You can look into that.

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Yes, I am using Enhance Mood of google speech to text and it’s costly. But it’s performance is not like meet.google.com