Enforce profile with centrally managed alias, display name and email address

I run a self-hosted Jitsi installation and installed it from the Ubuntu repositories as described in the Self-Hosting Guide for Debian/Ubuntu . After that I followed the documentation on Secure Domain setup but skip the parts for anonymous login of guests, because I want to enforce authentication even for joining an existing conference room.

After a user has logged in, the user

  1. may set an self-chosen alias for chatting, if the user opens the chat pane on the left
  2. may set an self-chosen display name and email address, if the user goes to the profile register under in the settings dialog

How can I enforce an alias, display name and email address for each user? For legal reasons and tracing I must ensure that each user is identifiable by his/her official name. I must not allow nick names and alike. I am willing to create a user account for each user manually using prosodyctl register <username> jitsi-meet.example.com <password>.

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You can certainly do this. LDAP is another option. And you can also consider using JWT Tokens - lib-jitsi-meet/tokens.md at master · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

But prosodyctl does not allow to set an fixed alias, display name and email address per user. If it does, a pointer to some how-to is highly appreciated

The same question has already been asked in Jitsi Meet Display Names and Authentication and Jitsi-Meet + ldap(Active Directory) and see DisplayName of users. This is possible?.

The only replies so far recommend to enable requireDisplayName: true in config.js. However, this only prompts users to input any name at their discretion. I am looking for a solution which enforces a display name based on the authenticated user name.

I cannot believe that this is impossible.