Endpoint Cisco video conferencing and Jitsi

We have Cisco DX80 video conferencing equipment that we want to connect to our Jitsi-Meet server.
These standalone devices are no longer connected to any videoconferencing solution.
Is it possible to connect them to our own Jitsi-Meet server?
The Jitsi partner proposal also interests us.
We are located in Paris (France).
Thank you for any help.

If this is a sip video device it is possible by using jibri and its sip gw features. So you will need a jibri per session (per device). We haven’t used that feauture for a while and we are currently reviving it again.

I already have a jibri server for recording.
Are there other resources for this feature than this one?

Can I keep the authenfication ldap with jwt token?

Yep, this is different and a little bit different in configuration cause it has one more X server