Ending meeting in Android app results in automatic reconnect

I’m using openfire as my backend on my domain. When I participate in a meeting on the Android app and I then exit that meeting with the red hangup button, I get a neverending screen that says “you have been disconnected, reconnecting in 29, 28, 27…”. If I hit “cancel” it just reopens that same popup again starting from “29, 28, 27 …”. In anything it should go back to the list of available rooms that I have participated in, not tell me that it’s trying to reconnect me after I have chosen to disconnect.

Here is a little video illustrating this issue: https://youtu.be/xArQPnPHwbo
(oops audio wasn’t recorded apparently, in any case I’m hitting “cancel” at first, then I try hitting “rejoin” and I get the credentials screen, if I cancel from there I still go back to the popup with the countdown.)