End-User Web Conference Guide for jitsi

Hello, all.

I came across Jitsi a week or so ago. It is a powerful yet simple tool, but it seems to lack any sort of end-user documentation.

I have an interest in helping people new to web conferencing to get up and running as quickly as possible; Jitsi fits the bill on the technology side. So, I created some documentation which I have shared via DropBox (since PDF documents do not seem to be acceptable uploads, here).

The latest versions, as of this edit, include:

All the PDFs (700K to 1.5MB) and the original WordPerfect and LibreOffice files (between 2MB and 8MB) can all be found in the DropBox folders.

I would be happy to move these if there is a better place for jitsi project documentation. :slight_smile:

Your feedback is welcome. If you would like to translate the guide into any of the languages that jitsi supports, feel free to have a go at it. I would be happy to add your effort to the DropBox directory.

P. S. It is 12 pages on purpose so that one might print it into a booklet, if one’s printer supports that. I could not squeeze everything into 8 pages!


Hello phumphries

Have downloaded your guide ,even before i read it i would like to say what a great thing to do
thanks again berty12

Thanks for your efforts. This is really helpful.

Thanks for the feedback, @berty12 and @ibims (and @WillemPenn and @Mark2020).

I hope that this is a useful contribution.  jitsi seems like the perfect tool for the moment, just lacking some support for newbies!

Plus, anything that I can do to promote WebRTC, I am happy to contribute. :slight_smile:

hello again .You were saying in your original post that you were interested in using jitsi on your site. Have you had any progress with that? I managed to cobble something on my site ,but when i tested it ran in to security issues ie adding certificates .

take care berty12

If you posted in the correct thread, @berty12, you may have misunderstood. I found a lot of documentation for developers; so, my aim was to create a Quick Guide for end-users.

This guide is based upon using jitsi Meet, but you could modify the WordPerfect files with anything specific to your own installation and use it with your end-users.

I have uploaded new versions of the English and French guides and the WordPerfect source files to DropBox, thanks to some great feedback from Óvári. I do not think that I can edit my first post; so, here are direct links to the updated PDFs:

I also added versions that could be edited in LibreOffice: Writer (ODT) and Draw (ODG). The Writer version is ready for you to translate (or otherwise modify as you wish) and to insert pictures in the correct language; the Draw version is a faithful reproduction of the PDF that you can translate (or whatever) and in which you can use LibreOffice’s “Replace” feature to update the pictures.

Óvári got a team together and made a translation of the Guide into Hungarian / magyar (PDF / ODT). :hungary:

Congratulations and thank you, Óvári! :clap: