End-to-end encryption

Hi, can someone help me enable the end-to-end encryption. It does not appear as an option. Could it be because I am using Chrome as my browser?

the option appears if the server supports it (meet.jit.si does) and the browser supports insertable streams. Recent Chrome supports it but there may be a need of validating some option. Or you can use Electron app where it’s enabled.

If you have not seen this yet, take a look at https://jitsi.org/blog/e2ee/

If you don’t see the option anymore it might be because our origin trial expired. We’ll check that, thanks for the heads up!

Is end-to-end encryption nearly out of beta? Can you provide the proposed release date?

It’s still evolving.

Is there something new I need to do to enable this on my self-installed Jitsi? It used to work for me(at least, the option was there), but now, I don’t see it anymore. Uncommenting and setting the disable flag in config.js (in the testing section) to false doesn’t enable it either. I see it on meet.jit.si, so what have I forgotten to change?

What browser are you testing with and do you see any errors in the JS console?

Using the desktop electron app on Mac. When I try on meet.jit.si, I see the E2EE option, but when I check my own Jitsi installation, I don’t see it. So I’m thinking it’s probably something I need to enable or something.

Field trial for insertable streams html tag on index.html

@damencho is this tag in the index.html in the current repo?

It is only on meet.jit.si, you can check it there

It is <meta http-equiv=“origin-trial” content="…
You can get one at https://developers.chrome.com/origintrials/#/trials/active
It is deployment specific

Ah, I see. Yeah, it works on meet.jit.si, that’s why I was wondering why it didn’t work on my installation. I’ll check out origin trials as recommended. Thanks!

@damencho, do you know if it takes a bit of time for the tag to become active? I got the token and added it as a meta tag in index.html, but I don’t see any change (yet). So maybe I just have to wait for it to propagate or something?

The tag shouldn’t be needed on the Electron app, since we force the origin trial. What version of the Electron app are you using?

Oh, using version 2.4.1 on the electron app. But I set the tag in the index.html of my main Jitsi installation (Jitsi Meet - web). I noticed the electron app pulls from there.

Yeah, but it shouldn’t be needed at all. How bizarre. Can you open the dev console (same keyboard shortcut as in Chrome) and check the JS console for errors?

@saghul, you’re saying I shouldn’t need to set a tag in my self-installed Jitsi instance to enable E2EE? Note that I don’t see E2EE enabled using Chrome browser to access my Jitsi either, so I don’t think this is an Electron-specific thing.

And I just checked the JS console - no related errors. The only ‘errors’ reported had to do with authentication (normal behavior before moderator authenticates). So, no errors whatsoever doing with encryption.

Still not getting E2EE though, even with the meta tag set as recommended by @damencho.

Is that with the latest Chrome?