End to End encryption

Hi we are having an audit with self hosted instance.
When using end to end encryption is there a way to check if data ( audio and video) is actually enctyped.
Apart from E2E icon at client or server level.
For example if it is actually using SRTP or some settings or any other way.
Thanks in advance.

You could PCAP the traffic in the JVB and try to see it, you won’t be able to.

SRTP is already being used, withotu E2EE. E2EE just adds another encryption layer.

Thank you.
I found following thread
which is interesting and hopefully will help me.

That thread is about DTLS-SRTP, which is the “transport layer” encryption that WebRTC always uses (you can’t disable the use of DTLS-SRTP in WebRTC). E2EE is unrelated to this and operates participant-to-participant (i.e. end-to-end) rather than participant-to-bridge as DTLS-SRTP does. When using E2EE, it’s an additional layer of encryption on top of DTLS-SRTP.