End to end encryption in Jitsi meet


Thanks for providing us a better alternative of Google Meet.

Today I want a help from the community of Jitsi Meet in implementation of End To End encryption.

I have an Android App and I want to allow e2ee video calls. For that i am looking for a technology by which i can enable the e2EE and also want to change the encryption algorithm in future.

Please guide me how can i implement e2ee in video calls in android and ios apps with custom encryption algorithm.

Thank you.

@damencho @saghul Please help.

Please, don’t tag people in your requests for help unless they’re already assisting you with the specific issue.

E2EE is currently not yet available on mobile.

I know its not available on mobile yet for Jitsi meet. However i want to implement it for android and ios that’s why opened this thread for guidance