End-to-end encryption for chat rooms

Hello everybody,

Does anyone know if Jitsi support end-to-end encryption for chat rooms?

I could not find any mention of chat rooms supporting end-to-end encryption.

Also, I think the video supports end-to-end encryption, but can I assume that screen sharing is also supported?

If you enable E2EE, all media (audio & video) is encrypted end-to-end, with no difference whether it comes from a camera or screen share.

Chat messages are not encrypted end-to-end. Each participant’s connection to the XMPP server is encrypted, protecting the messages from an unrelated third party, but the chat messages are accessible to the operator of the Jitsi Meet backend server. That could be resolved by implementation of OMEMO or extension of the existing E2EE protocol to chat messages.

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Thank you very much.
I will look into OMEMO.

I hope OMEMO will be implemented as standard soon.

Don’t hold your breadth. We have no plans to do so.