End-to-end encryption for both browser and phone participants

Hi, I have installed and deployed jitsi on my server, and its working fine, but when I open a meeting from a browser and check the security option to enable end to end encryption this note appears:

"End-to-End Encryption is currently EXPERIMENTAL. Please keep in mind that turning on end-to-end encryption will effectively disable server-side provided services such as: phone participation. Also keep in mind that the meeting will only work for people joining from browsers with support for insertable streams."

does it mean that all phone participants are not allowed to enable end-to-end encryption? or it means that phone participants cannot join the meeting if this option is enabled?

in both cases is there a way to enable end-to-end encryption for all kinds of participants? knowing that we are developing a mobile app with jitsi dependency.

There are 3 types of phone participants:

  • Regular phones joining via the PSTN: these will never support E2EE.
  • Mobile web browsers: depends on support offered by the browser, currently only Chrome on Android is supported.
  • Native mobile participants: E2EE is not supported yet, but it’s being (slowly) worked on.

You can enable it regardless, but participants who don’t support it will get broken video and cracking audio.

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