"End Meeting for all" including moderator

When a moderator clicks “End Meeting for all” I’d expect the meeting to end for everybody, also the moderator himself. What happens now is that everybody else is kicked out except the guy clicking it. Is this a bug or intended behaviour?

It’s easy for the moderator to first click “End Meeting for all” and then ending the meeting for himlself manually, but my users are complaining about it, it feels like one click too much.

We’re currently on stable 8044, running on Docker.

Actually the meeting ends for moderator too but the screen doesn’t change for them. Maybe this causes confusion

Aha… Yes, I think it does. Is it a behaviour I can change in any way? We have config.enableClosePage set to true and I have modded the static close3.html so people end up at a nice thank-you page upon leaving meetings.

This was briefly discuss in a different thread and I believe the plan is to eventually improve on that behaviour.

On our deployment, we currently handle this by listening for readyToClose and redirect them to the close page.

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Thanks! I’ll simply hang on tight and see what happens then!