End Conference - unnecessary dialog for non-moderator

I’ve been testing the end_conference feature using latest 8252 release, and it is looking great for moderator users. The hangup button is now blue instead of red, and I get the new dialog with the 2 options when clicked:

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 19.12.43

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 19.14.30

What was unexpected however, was that for a non-moderator user, the hangup button is now also blue and they also get a dialog but with only one option – “Leave meeting”.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 19.12.47

I vaguely recall non-moderator users not seeing any UI changes when I first tested this feature a while back – they still had the red hangup button, and they leave the meeting immediately on click.

No the end of the world, but I’m curious – was this an unintentional side effect of a change, or is this by design?

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I don’t think those changes are intentional, we should likely revisit and revert them.

Had a look at the code, and this behaviour has not changed since it was first implemented. My memory is playing tricks on me again :roll_eyes:

So the question now is – should we retain the original Hangup button behaviour for non-moderators when end_conference is enabled? It just seems odd that adding a new capability for moderators could affect the behaviour for non mods.


Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

Would it help if I attempted a PR?


This appears to do the right thing:

  • non-moderators see the standard red hangup button
  • red hangup button replaced by blue hangup-menu button when promoted to moderator
  • moderators see the blue button that opens the menu if end conference is enabled
  • moderators see the standard red hangup button if end conference is not enabled

A minor flaw with this trivial fix is that when moderator first joins, the hangup button momentarily shows up as red before being replaced by the blue hangup-menu button. Not sure if this is acceptable, but I’m not familiar enough with the lifecycle of the participant role state to solve this elegantly :confused:

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The blue button is a mistake, can you make it red, just like it was?

So red button for both cases – immediate hangup and opening hangup menu?



Btw, the hangup menu button is now indistinguishable from the hangup button, and the only way for users to know what would happen is if they clicked it.

Do we want to perhaps change the tooltip for hangup menu button so there’s a way, albeit a subtle one, for someone to tell the difference? Something like “Leave the meeting” → “Leave or end the meeting”?

@saghul any chance we could introduce some visual cue to indicate when a button would open a menu instead of hangup immediately? Not ideal if users cannot instinctively know what a button does from call to call.

Tooltip text change would be a simple, but perhaps too subtle, an option.

I’m wondering if we should use the same UX we have for reactions i.e. main button hangs up but with the little carat thingy at the corner to open the menu for more options.


I don’t think that is necessary.

Not sure TBH. I find the current behavior ok, and since it’s deployment specific it shouldn’t surprise users since it will always behave the same…

Well, not quite. With end_conference enabled, the red hangup button now behaves different for moderators and non-moderators.

So unless a user consciously recall/check if they are mod in a particular meeting, they cannot immediately tell if they will go off camera the moment they click hangup or only after a second click in the popup menu. This was less an issue with @wfleischer’s implementation of the blue button, since it was immediately obvious when you’ll get one behaviour vs the other.

The ToolboxButtonWithIcon option has some appeal considering most of the time users simply want to leave the meeting, but there is also a visual cue to moderators that they can end the meeting for all via the popup menu.

In both cases you’d leave the meeting after selecting an option there. Why would someone be surprised that when clicking on the hangup button we… hang up?


It’s more a case of not being able to tell if that’s going to hang up, or open a popup where I have to choose “Leave meeting” or “End meeting for all” before actually leaving.

Just to clarify that we’re on same page, the current behaviour in master when end_conference is enabled is the button is always red and when clicked:

  • if moderator, show hangup menu with options
  • if not moderator, hangup immediately

Happy to go with it if you’re good with it. My OCD gets hung up on little things sometimes… :roll_eyes:

Just to add some history here: The design of the end conference feature (like the blue colored button) came from the Jitsi design team (and it was perfectly ok for me – just mentioning). @saghul is right, that it could have always been red as end-conferencing is a characteristic of the deployment. If however we now make the button behave differently for non moderators, a color indication would be helpful.

As the immediate hangup without confirmation for non-moderators is a more “dangerous” click, I would propose to make that one red and leave the button for the hangup menu blue.

(My two cents here: I do see a sense in the current user experience of opening a one-option menu in the non-moderator case, as it prevents somebody from ending the meeting in a disruptive way by unintentionally clicking the button. Especially in the case of a presenter, it would be disruptive for the whole conference, not just for himself.)

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Did it really? Hum, I don’t remember that! I’d have argued against it :stuck_out_tongue:


(Tibi can tell. He provided the mockup.)

I’ll ask him, thanks the reminder!