End Call for all Users

i started working with jitsi-meet recently and i would like to be able to assign rights to the moderator to be able to end the call for all users

As for now you can’t, the moderator should kick the users

Thanks, however i would like to assign the rights to my moderator to be able to close the meeting, how can i achieve that pragmatically.

i want the room to be destroyed once the moderator leaves

you should edit jitsi sources and recompile it as far as I know to implement this feature

Can you please point me to a specific source i should edit to achieve this functionality?

I really don’t know, I’m sorry

Thanks for the help

Maybe someone will come with a better info about this

Did you find solution maybe, as I am looking for the same functionality?


No, haven’t got a solution yet…

What do you mean by editing the source and recompiling it again?
What compiler do i need? or how do i compile the edited source code?

Where should the jitsi-meet source file be located on a linux or windows installation for complication to work.

Any insights would be grateful

There are multiple ways to install jitsi on a server:

  • Docker image
  • repository precompiled packages
  • git source download and compiling by hands

It’s not a really fast modification indeed.

An another tricky way would be to make an additional button that kick all out with JS implementation and adding it in the interface or creating a standalone browser extension. Unfortunately for you I don’t love to code in JS

@Luka_Lazovic @RubensRainelli

Using " * repository precompiled packages" solution any possibility to enable moderator call end option. please guide me.