Enabling noise cancelling in lib-meet-jitsi on self-hosted jitsi server

I’ve tried to set the constraint and added disableNS: true to both server and configs but doesn’t work for me.
A snippet of how I’m setting the constraint when creating the audio track.

  const createAudioTrack = async (micDeviceId) => {
    try {
      const audioTrack = await JitsiMeetJS.createLocalTracks({
        devices: [MEDIA_TYPE.AUDIO],
        firePermissionPromptIsShownEvent: true,
        constraints: {
          audio: {
            noiseSuppression: true,
            echoCancellation: true,
      return audioTrack[0];
    } catch (error) {
      throw new Error(error);

WHat are you trying to accomplish? disableNS will disable noise suppression, but in the snippet you pasted you are enabling it…

I want to implement/enable noise cancellation. Sorry disableNS: false is set on both config.js on the server and in the lib-meet-jitsi config used in the app.

my bad. It appears I didn’t understand this thread then:

If you are using lib-jitsi-meet directly then there is no config.js to speak of, you need to pass a config object yourself.

Regarding noise suoppression, LJM only supports the standard WebRTC one, if you want something extra, like the rnnoise effect, you’ll need to port it over from the Jitsi Meet project, as it’s implemented there.