enableWelcomePage: false has no effect

I apologise if this has already been asked. I did search and found some people asking the same, but the answer was that it was fixed in the latest version. I have tried loading the current and beta versions of the api script and had no luck getting this to work.

new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, { [...] configOverwrite: { enableWelcomePage: false [...] } })

I’m setting the room name, user name etc. as part of the options. I would really like to put the user straight into the room since they’re already choosing to do so via my own interface. Or have I misunderstood which page is the welcome page? I haven’t noticed any difference toggling this option. Thanks for any advice.

The welcome page is the following… When enableWelcomePage is false, the client doesn’t see this page and redirected a randomly named room

Thanks a lot for the quick response - maybe I’ve never had this page show up because I already set the room name manually. I was hoping to avoid the need for the user to click ‘join room,’ since my site already has the interface for that function… but I understand why that might not be possible.

Try prejoinPageEnabled

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Wow, thank you so much! I had already tried to set that but I just realised that I typed preJoinPageEnabled :sweat_smile:

All working as I’d hoped now.