Hey guys,

what exactly is enableLayerSuspension for and what it is its default? :slight_smile:


have a look here https://jitsi.org/news/new-off-stage-layer-suppression-feature/

also here you could find some info: https://jitsi-club.gitlab.io/jitsi-self-hosting/en/01-deployment-howto/03-tuning/

I have not enabled it - I suspect this feature to cause some problems in firefox with lost videostreams.


In an article linked in the Jitsi blog post, Brian Baldion suggested to test it

Give this a try on Jitsi Meet today by adding #config.enableLayerSuspension=true to your call URL (as long as you’re using Chrome v69+) or check out the code on the Jitsi Github repo.

Is this something each participant has to do or something just the host can set on room creation and it works for all participants?