I want to setup room connecter using jibri SIP GW.
Before I could proceed, I set enableFeaturesBasedOnToken=true and noticed that recording and screen sharing got disabled.

I have checked and jwt payload or external API there are no such options for enabling these based on token.
Any help.
Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure I understood you correctly. If the issue is related in how to check features in a token then the following link may help


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@kkd yes, if you set enableFeaturesBasedOnToken=true, you’re basically telling the system to expect those privileges to be managed through token assignment. You might want to look at the JWT flags in Jibri.conf, they’ll likely be useful in configuring Jibri SIP GW.

jwt-info {
    // The path to a .pem file which will be used to sign JWT tokens used in webhook
    // requests.  If not set, no JWT will be added to webhook requests.
    # signing-key-path = "/path/to/key.pem"

    // The kid to use as part of the JWT
    # kid = "key-id"

    // The issuer of the JWT
    # issuer = "issuer"

    // The audience of the JWT
    # audience = "audience"

    // The TTL of each generated JWT.  Can't be less than 10 minutes.
    # ttl = 1 hour

Thank you, I think I know now what is issue.
I am using mod_token_moderation.to assign moderator access.
I guess, I may need to change my code to use affiliation and all owners.

Just found this flag, too. Can it replace mod_token_moderation? Where is the documentation of this flag? I cannot find it in Introduction | Jitsi Meet.