Enable uploading recording file to S3 bucket

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I need help or any recomandations from you guys

To sum things up for you

I focused on the document:

https://community.jitsi.org/t/how-to-to-get-a-working-setup-of-google-drive-one-drive-or-other-cloud-services-in-jibri-my-comprehensive-tutorial-for-the-beginner / 42228/33

I was able to comfortably install all the requirements and I had the following script:

/ usr / bin / rclone copy / var / jbrecord / amazons33: amazons33 / recordings -v --log-file = / var / log / jitsi / jibri / amazons33_upload.log

through this script I can uplode the files manually in s3 bucket

and now I have 2 problems:

1- I can’t configure jibri correctly to automate the script (finalize.sh)

) please find attached my jibri.conf and my finalize

jibri.conf.txt (4.0 KB)

finalize.txt (780 Bytes)

2- the name of the meeting is random which is not good because I want the name in s3 bucket to bear the name of the meeting

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The finalize script gets a folder in which the recroding and the metadata file is

so you can use that to extract info.

Thank you first of all for your answer

The problem is that I’m not familiar with writing these scripts and I can’t find a solution to upload the recording automatically

the following script when I run it manually I can see my recordings in the s3 bucket but with a random name:

I want to correct my jibri configuration so that the script starts automatically after the end of the recording (my jibri config file is above)

and the second thing is that the names of the meeting in the s3 bucket is random

here is an example

Thank you once again and I am happy to be among you in the best community

if you run this script manually using the root account then the jibri user cannot run this script anymore because the script breaks all permissions and ownerships. Then you need to restore all permissions manually using chmod and chown commands for the related files and folders

please can you tell how i solve this? i’m new at linux comand this i don’t know how to give the permission to jibri ?

Should i give the permission to jibri to run the script ?

Jibri does record in directories with a random name. If you want a proper name for that, you have to rename the folder in the finalize script, which is not present in the script you have provided.

Check this link for more help…

I guess there is missing the last line before sync,

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I have just a problem with permission in that issue , i think i should give permission to jibri to run the script because when i run it with the root user it works good .

Like @emrah said when you run a script with root, you break permissions and ownership.

Avoid doing that, you may want to start over and use

sudo -u jibri your-command-here

To make sure permissions are keept, or login as jibri user to run your test.


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I get this error now when :frowning: when i finish the recording i get this error in the log file

Permissions are busted.


ls -hl /home/jibri/.config/rclone/rclone.conf

That will tell you, fix them accordingly.

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change rclone.conf owner. use chown jibri:jibri /home/jibri/.config/rclone/rclone.conf

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Indeed here is the content of the script that I use in my finalize_recording.sh for my jibri configuration

finalize_recording.sh content :

Normally I add the following command to upload my recordings in the amazon s3 bucket

rclone move /var/jbrecord/ recordingsmeetings:recordingsmeetings/myrecordings/ -v --log-file=/var/log/jitsi/jibri/gos3cloud.log

But the problem is that this command does not execute when i finish my recording and I see my files just in my local server, but when I run this command manually (as a root user ) it works and I see them in s3 please can you help me find a solution ?

And also here is the permissions :


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Try running this,

sudo -u jibri /usr/bin/rclone copy /var/jbrecord/amazons33:amazons33/recordings -v --log-file=/var/log/jitsi/jibri/amazons33_upload.log

See what errors come from that.