Enable some "Elapsed time indicator" while jibri is recording

hi friends, i wonder if exitsts any way to enabled some kind of “elapsed time indicator” in jibri/jitsi while recording mode is running, Can you help me?


Not sure what your use case is, but if it’s to limit how long recordings should go on for in your deployment, there’s a property in jibri.conf that allows you to set the recording limit.

Hi @Freddie thanks for reply.
The fact is my client wants to watch in the final video a label showing the time second to second, lets say he wants a dynamic water mark in some point in the screen.

Ah, in that case, you will need to implement something similar to conference_duration specifically for Jibri. This is a customization you’ll need to do on your own, it’s not included out of the box.

i understand bro, so, in this case it would be something like an addons…a new feature.

Pretty much.

Hi @damencho i am a developer learning about the jitsi world… Can you have any idea how to show in screen a kind of “time indicator” while recording is running?

… thanks in advance