Enable Screen share

Has anyone been able to share screen on Android and IOS? I initiate screen share but for IOS my app is not listed under broadcast listeners.

Are you using the SDK?

Yes am using the SDK. Are there any special setup procedures to use Screen share on IOS and Android SDK? Do i need to write any additional special classes, special socket connections or just calling the SDK is good enough?


You need a broadcast extension. That’s not something the SDK can provide, alas.

You can use ours, check in the ios/ directory.

We’ll document this better soon.

I’ve cloned Jitsi and trying to create a wrapper around with my customizations. When I try to enable screen share it fails. I’m using the extension provided along-side. Just renamed the bundle identifier and appgroup. Documents suggest that appgroup has to be modified from within the code as well. I’ve updated app-group from SampleHandler.swift file which is from the Jitsi extension, however, I couldn’t find where exactly to update this in the sdk.

Your help is much appriciated.

Please check iOS SDK · Jitsi Meet Handbook

my app’s broadcast extension is not showing up in release mode and for debug mode clicking on ‘Start Screen Sharing’ does nothing, simply the popup disappears

Have you followed all steps outlined there?


Do you have any logs in the Xcode console when you try to share? Also note this won’t work on a simulator.