Enable Remote Control

Hi All!

Perhaps someone has detailed instructions on how to enable remote control. I looked at the links on the github, but I still do not quite understand how exactly to enable this functionality using the jitsi-electron-sdk.

I installed npm, changed the package.json reference to the local jitsi-electron-sdk distribution, run npm start, but I don’t see the remote desktop control option. Am I doing something wrong?)

Thanks for any help!

I’ve never tried it, but this is my current understanding.

If you’re planning to just use the Jitsi Meet Electron app, then to enable remote control you just need to change the ENABLE_REMOTE_CONTROL constant to true then rebuild the project.

If you’re using the Jitsi Meet Electron SDK to build your own Electron app, then as per the docs you need to instantiate the RemoteControl class and give it the IFrame element running Jitsi Meet. For reference, that a look at how it is done in the Electron app:


I’ve changed ENV ENABLE_REMOTE_CONTROL = true, but now client after approve has been stacked (black screen) and then jitsi closing automatically. Versions tested:


Windows 10 / Windows 11

Also i’ve got in debug mode next logs:

[1] WebContents #1 called ipcRenderer.sendSync() with 'jitsi-remotecontrol-get-display' channel without listeners.
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:18.600Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] hiding aot window
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:18.607Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] sending aot-hide state update to renderer process
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:23.434Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] received aot event aot-update-state
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:23.434Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] handling aot-conference-joined state update from renderer process
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:23.434Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] adding main window event handlers
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:23.455Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] received aot event aot-update-state
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:23.456Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] handling is-intersecting state update from renderer process
[1] 2022-11-03T11:14:23.456Z [AOT] <logInfo>:  [MAIN] hide aot handler