Enable password for rooms

What about using:

authentication = “anonymous”

I was partly successful by changing to

authentication = “anonymous”

in the section

VirtualHost “auth.[my-domain]”

But after leaving the room and entering a new one the password option was gone :unamused:
One or two times after restarting via

prosodyctl restart

it was there again. But I couldn’t join from another computer and also loosing this password option my installation seems very buggy…

I could not see the “Add a password” in brave browser, but it did appear in chrome.

Hi everbody !! What a great application !
So I have same issue. I don’t have “Set password” enable with Firefox after make authentication active. So for more security I need to be able to create a password. How can I do this ?
(sorry for my poor english…)

Strange thing is that I see the “Set password” on meet.jit.si but not on my own server instance…

@bmoogin you can set a password “externally”


-Locate the virtual host with your hostname(should be at the top of the file) and change authentication options to “internal_plain”. It should look like this afterwards.

authentication = “internal_plain”

-Create user using prosodyctl. This is where we create users that will sign into Jitsi-meet.

Is this confusing two separate things?

1.) restricting the ability to create a room: add a user and password to prosody, and configure jitsi via the “secure domain” instructions. If you don’t do this, anyone with access to the server (probably the whole world) can use your server for video conferencing.

2.) restricting the ability to join a room already created: moderator adds password via the browser when the room has been created. If you do not do this, once a room is created, anyone can join.

You are right, that’s definetely two different things. I wanted to point that out by saying:

you can set a password “externally”


Hi, thanks for your response. But make authentication like this “it’s ok!”. The problem like Eric_Nelson and me we are talking about it’s the next. After complete and make working authentication the possibility to make a password to a room has disappear. And without this setting we can’t increase security access of a room.
Do you see the real problem ? And do you have a response about this ?

We can see 2 different things but when your point 1 is activate and enable, point 2 can’t be set… Is here the issue for me. If you have an answer…

Ok everybody ! I found the solution ! And I’m sorry about my request… It was my fault.

For correct this bug I have make default settings at /etc/jitsi/meet/hostname-config.js
enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: false,

And the set password to the room come again.
I have modify this settings thinking it has an importance for authentication and its appear no… Thanks for all your reply. I hope this can help other on this question.

when your point 1 is activate and enable, point 2 can’t be set

I haven’t been able to replicate it. I’ve got secure domain configured, and I can still set a password within the room.

FWIW, I have the following in my config file:

enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: false

I do not remember changing it though.

Glad you’ve got it working.

how can I set a password for a room in android app ?

this is what i found out, in setting the password you need to click the add password n press enter to be able to control the meeting, you need to login first and set the add password immediately in that way the unauthorized user/s cant come in, just sent the password to the members of the group. however the password will automatically reset to none once you logout from the meeting, thanks hope this will help

Is it possible to set password while creating the room through URL like meet.domain.com/roomname?password=2kljw or additng password in API.

As far as I know: No, not yet.

However you can create a room in advance and set a permanent password for this room. This password will not vanish, even if everyone has left the room.

This is what you need to do:

How do we create persistent room.

I am using Jitsi for my company’s comunications and videoconferences, Devs, thanks for this great piece of software. I do see a problem with the first participant being the moderator, sometimes when I am leading a conference and I am the moderator something goes wrong (murphy is always around) and you have to log out and back in, and Boom, one of your guests is now the moderator not you!!!

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

That’s why we are running on meet.jit.si all moderators module where all participants are moderators.

But then you can always end up being victim of a troll that can destroy a conference. :thinking:

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