Enable password for rooms

Hi there,
I just installed jitsi-meet on my own server. Everything works fine except that there is no “add password” button. What do I have to do to enable that option?

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This is available only to the moderator of the room, by default this is the first participant to join, its thumbnail is marked with a star.

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Hi Damian,
thank you for your quick reply!

I am the creator (=moderator?) and single person of the room. On my own server I have no Add password next to the Copy link after clicking on the i-button. On https://meet.jit.si all works fine.

To create a room I changed the settings to ask for a password as described on https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo#secure-domain (I skipped the “configure ‘anonymousdomain’” part though).

To check wether the secure domain part was faulty I changed the following config option to:

authentication = “anonymous”



and deleted




Then I restarted via

prosodyctl restart

After that, the first time I created a new room I could create a room password. But after leaving and creating a new one the option was gone. Even restarting prosody didn’t help.

Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

Kind regards

Hi, I completely de-/reinstalled jitsi. I have the out-of-the-box config. There is still no option for setting a room password .“Add password” next to “Copy” is just not there :frowning:

What am I missing?

All help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

I now even tested with a complete new server - no success :frowning:

You are checking for it in the moderator participant UI, right?

I am the only one in the room. If I am on my own server there is no “Add password” button. If I lock in the same way on meet.jit.si there is an “Add password” button.
Is there a special moderator section that I do not see??

I just tested it. I did a new deployment without modifications on a new VM. Open a conference, set a password and enter with second participant and I’ve been asked for password.
Then I changed anonymous to authentication = "internal_plain", created a user that I can use, then I opened a new conference I had ‘Add password’, set a password, open a second tab where I was asked about username and password and after authenticating I was asked about the room passcode.

There must be some modification on your side that breaks it, are you using default client with no modifications? Did you add something to your configs? What user are you using to authenticate, is that a one you created with the register command?