Enable Login for moderator in settings after meeting is started

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I need to know how to enable the login button that is there in the meeting settings. I want multiple moderator to login as sometimes the moderator is disconnected and then when I try to connect back it is connected as guest, so it would be cool if we can use the login option from the settings to login as moderator. I have already setup the secure domain so that wherever meeting is started host has to login first but this issue occurs when the moderator is abruptly disconnected from the meeting.

Any lead are appreciated. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome !!


Anyone else who is registered can login with their credentials using that button. If a user who previously authenticated is disconnected from the meeting, when they rejoin the meeting, their credentials are remembered and they are not prompted to re-authenticate. However, what Jitsi does is that it creates a new session for that person (they will still have moderator rights, but not the rights linked to their first session).

A limitation we’ve observed is in requests from the Lobby. If the original moderator is disconnected and somehow manages to get back into the meeting, they don’t see requests from new people wishing to join the meeting.