Enable local statistics


I’m using the lib-jitsi-meet JS client library and am unable to receive local user stats. I am attempting to access them via the CONNECTION_STATS event like so:

            (payload) => {
              console.log("local", payload);

I do however get remote participant stats via ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Try JitsiMeetJS.events.connectionQuality.LOCAL_STATS_UPDATED.


@damencho Thanks so much for the reply! Your suggestion worked.

Should an issue be created to update the API documentation to reflect this. Currently, it suggests that JitsiMeetJS.events.conference.CONNECTION_STATS is how local stats updates should be received. I’d be more than happy to create/resolve this issue via PR if the community thinks this is the way to go.


So CONNECTION_STATS was deprecated, but we missed to update the doc

The doc should be updated with connectionQuality.LOCAL_STATS_UPDATED and connectionQuality.REMOTE_STATS_UPDATED

There is still CONNECTION_STATS but it is used internally in the library and is not supposed to be outside of the library.


@damencho I have created a pull request to update the documentation to reflect these changes.