Enable lobby automatically before meeting is started

Using my self-deployed server (with authorization for owner/moderator and lobby mode enabled), I would like to create in advance the jitsi-meet link to participants without being online myself first, would this be possible with the “automatically enabled lobby mode” to restrict access?

Let´s assume other users get the link and already wait online (but cannot participate yet in the conference before I join the meeting as owner/moderator to start the conference), participants already waiting online to wait for lobby before they can kick into conference.

Currently (even with authorization), the other users kick in automatically into conference even though moderator is not into conference and before moderator will be able to enable lobby mode or set a password.

I have used JWT based authentication and with that it’s possible that 1st person who tried to join is not a moderator.
Currently I am restricting this default behavior of jitsi-meet to make 1st person as moderator using this in conference.js component -
const jwt = APP.store.getState()[‘features/base/jwt’];
let isModerator = jwt?.user?.moderator
role = isModerator?‘moderator’:‘none’

But I want if user is not moderator than he should not be able to join meeting and moved to lobby for wait.
Any help ?

Take a look at this plugin: prosody-plugins/lobby_autostart at main · jitsi-contrib/prosody-plugins · GitHub