Enable breakout rooms in docker-jitsi-meet


I’m using the docker version of jitsi, version stable-6865 and want to enable breakout rooms. However the Add-breakout room button is not visible during a video conference.
I though the breakout room feature is enabled by default for this version (for moderator)?

Can anybody help me out how to enable breakout rooms in docker-jitsi-meet?

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How does your env file look like?

in my .env file
was commented out. So it works once it’s in the env file (and container is restarted?) ?

I want to write helm charts and include breakout rooms there.

As far as I can see ENABLE_BREAKOUT_ROOMS=1 has consequences for web and prosody containers.
In web, /config/config.js it sets config.hideAddRoomButton = false
and in prosody, /config/conf.d/jitsi-meet.cfg.lua breakout room configs appear as well.

However, these configs are not sufficient to get the breakout room button in my container.
Did I miss something?

That’s all there is to it. Note that the creation is only available to moderators, so make sure you test with a moderator.