Enable 5000 room on 1 to 1 user conversation

Can i know how many JVB i need in order to cater 5000 room on 1 to 1 user conversation at a same time ?

This is hard to say, but I would wildly guess and say 20-25.

from this post P2P Settings, the p2p setting is by default , does it mean JVB can be reduce to be around 5~10 ?

As I said, this is a wild guess :slight_smile: So you can try … But 5 are not enough … You will need turnservers for the p2p …

Hi there. Wondering if this eval metrics https://jitsi.org/jitsi-videobridge-performance-evaluation/
Is still valid?
Mean for 5000 room with 1 to 1 chat will be 10000 connections, so it work out to be 10 server?

Also where will be the potential bottleneck since cpu and memory consumption seems to be on the low side even when it reach thousand of connection? Am trying to figure out if using a higher spec server can yield more connection or there will be a limit supported by the jvb?

The limit is the bandwidth, when it comes to jvb. The link you pasted is based on jvb1 in the before simulcast era, and jvb2 should be better in performance …

is there any max room no for single jvb server on 1 to 1 user in full video?

No we don’t have such measurements…

Thanks much for sharing and support. Appreciate it