Empty user remains in the Room after they disconnect / crash / leave

Hello, This problem seems keeps occurring mostly when someone crashes or disconnects. But sometimes also when they leave the room.

What happens is, the person who disconnects remains in the room with for no reason or functionality at all, just taking up precious space in the conference room.

The worst part is when that bugged user becomes the moderator, then nobody can kick out the bugged users.

What is the best way to go around this?

I was thinking of making everyone a moderator. Is this easy?

Thank you.

For anyone wondering about this issue, found a simple solution for this problem here:

Actually, the problem started to happen again.


I have the same problem, the above suggestion doesn’t solve the issue it generates other error in logs.
I have have last prosody version installed.
@damencho, could please have a look?, in one room I have myself replicated many times!
each time I disconnect and I connect the number of participants (my self or other) is increased


Yassine, just as a temporary non viable solution, you can always write this command on SSH: /etc/init.d/prosody restart

It will restart and clean the useless users.

Now, please someone help us out.

Thank you.

Hello Community,
There is any expert can help us to solve it?
Thank you in advance!


Any news?

it’s solved for me, I had a configuration problem.