Emil's question about being heard in two rooms simultaneously

During Monday’s meeting he asked about a situation I had described partly. Here is a better explanation.

The site has an index page listing topics. When users click on a topic a new window opens and a web page opens that contains a new meet.jit.si with a unique url. When others click on that topic, a new window opens and they are taken to the same page and meet.jit.si room. If everyone leaves the room and someone clicks on the topic again, a new window opens and the room web page opens a new meet.jit.si with a new unjique url.

The problem arises when someone clicks on topic G, a new window opens and they are taken to that page and the meeting there, then tries to leave that page to return to the index page to find topic M and click on it to have a new window open and arrive at a new page and meet.jit.si for topic M.

If they are in topic room G and leave the window open, and click on the screen outside that window to return to the index page, then jitsi doesn’t know they have tried to leave that meeting G. If they then click on topic M, they will be in both the topic G meeting and the topic M meeting simultaneously and what they mean to say in room M will also, without their knowledge, be heard in room G.

To leave topic G they can either click on the top right corner X to close the window or they can click on the red phone. The latter shows the 8x8 ad. We thought inexperiences users wouldn’t know how to close that window, so they wouldn’t find their way back to the index page. The solution by the developer was to make clicking on the red phone close the window so they would be back at the index list.

If the developer can add a links above and below the meeting room that also close the window, maybe that will solve the problem. Then if they click on the red phone, they see the ad, then start looking for a link to return to the index page. With return to index page links above and below the meet.jit.si room, they should be able to get back even if they don’t know how to close a window.