Embedding meet.jit.si is only meant for demo purposes

We have embedded Jitsi, but now get a popup saying it will disconnect after 5 minutes.

What is this and who can we talk to about this?

We find no way on contacting anybody in Jitsi or 8x8…

Thank you in advance for providing contact details.

Wow - that is amazingly bad!
We never knew and have invested a lot into the embedding and surrounding services.
How can I contact somebody to talk about this?
There are huge opportunities for synergies together and we are keen on progressing.
Thank you in advance for contacting us - our email: createyourfuture@entnest.com

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with meet.jit.si or 8x8.

I respectfully disagree.

The ability to embed Jitsi meetings is still intact, and you can still embed meetings hosted by JaaS or various other providers, or you can self host using the full software packages made freely available.

The good folks behind meet.jit.si have provided the service for free for many years and shouldered the significant cost involved. As a business, surely you can empathise with their position; there is no way that this can be sustainable long term if commercial outfits out there are embedding the free offering into their own service and reaping the profits while the full cost is born by meet.jit.si.

I should point out that https://meet.jit.si is still free to use if users visit the site directly, and the Jitsi team continue to improve the product and make the source freely available to anyone who want to self-host.

This is something you should discuss with the folks behind Jitsi. Perhaps post on the thread I linked above and you should get a response.

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Just reached out to you over email