Embedding Jitsi in website

I apologize, this will be a very basic question, but hopefully an easy one to answer. I’m trying to embed Jitsi in my webflow website, but I’m not totally sure how to proceed. I have this code,

    var userName = '{{uName}}';
    var meetingRoomName = '{{jClsName}}';
    // Call APi an dget full user details here
        var domain = "meet.jit.si";
        var options = {
            roomName: meetingRoomName,
            width: 700,
            height: 600,
            parent: undefined,
            configOverwrite: {},
            interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
                filmStripOnly: false
        var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
        api.executeCommand('displayName', userName);


would I just paste it in a code box after modifying it? Webflow is compatible with Javascript and other videochat applications work in it, for example, this one: (https://www.daily.co/blog/how-to-embed-video-calls-on-your-own-domain). How would one modify this code to get Jitsi to work? I am comfortable with a little bit of coding but could use some guidance.

Why don’t you use IFRAME?

Thank you. If I use IFRAME can I just post the above script into it after modifying it? Would I just change the {{uName}} and {jClsName}}?

I think that this would be doable only making a proxy loaded frame and then edit from server, not really easy.