Embedded JITSI in Webpage - how to Ignore jitsi ads after disconnecting call?

I have embedded JITSI external-API in a web-page. After disconnecting the call JITSI Ads are displayed. How can we control this behaviour.

Checkout the terms https://jitsi.org/meet-jit-si-terms-of-service/ we kindly ask if you are using the free service and infrastructure to keep the ads for at least 15 seconds.

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Thanks a lot. It helps.

That link didn’t answer the question. How do you embed in a webpage? Can you stay on topic?

@John_Thompson Maybe YOU need to read the topic better, then perhaps you’ll see you’re on the wrong side of facts. YOU are off-topic.

I clicked the link and ctrl F search for the word embed and its nowhere to be found.

Did you read the topic? Look at what the OP is asking.

This is how

Unless you are hosting your own server, you don’t. Its a violation of the terms of service

thanks for the reply , but what I was mostly asking is the option to enter the embed code button thats on the toolbar. On my server its missing. but never mind none of this works anyway. I was trying to embed the output view of the video on a blog post not the user view . So that I could share the meetings with viewers or participants if you will that can watch but not participate in mass like on facebook or twitter