Embed just the chat?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to embed just the text chat?

I understand Jitsi uses XMPP, but I cannot find a guide/tutorial on how to setup an XMPP web client for Jitsi. Also, we’re using JavaScript to “sign” users into Jitsi to display their username and profile avatar from our own user system, is there a way to accomplish this with an XMPP web client like converse.js?

Hi there,

If you just want the chat you can probably use something like converse.js directly instead of Jitsi, since Jitsi is focused on the video conferencing part, the chat is just a small ancillary feature.

The thing is, we have the video room on our site and we noticed people are hesitant to join it. We’d love to have just the text chat available and if the users decide to move to the video room - then they could do so with the chat log remaining in tact. Thus my desire to hook into the XMPP server in some way to enable just text chat.

I see. One thing you could do is usew the iframe API https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/api.md to render the chat messages and join the conference muted. Then when the user wants to actually join, unmute them, maybe?

I looked into it. A few problems though

  1. The overhead of loading jitsi-meet is quite taxing on every page load for the user.
  2. When using userInfo for “authentication” jitsi-meet will keep logging the same person in for every tab they have open as a new user.
  3. The audio notifications whenever a user joins/leaves is distracting, especially if we consider a few dozen people on a website and constantly having them join/leave while they’re browsing the site.
  4. Jitsi-meet doesn’t fit very well into a small ~200px width block.

Another option would be to use converse.js (or any other JS XMPP client more optimized to your use case) and then try to join the same room via Jitsi Meet. I have never tried this though.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, but I’m new to converse.js, jitsi and prosody, cannot figure out how to make this work…

In my humble opinion it’s better to use services in the way they’re supposed to. Jitsi is mainly about video communication. Why not install a (free) chat function like Tawk? If people feel the need the share video’s or desktops you can send them the link to a room and communicate from there.
One of the advantages is you can use the benefits of a chat script AND Jitsi.

@Mazvydas I’m trying to do same thing. i.e utilizing the prosody that comes through jitsi meet as xmpp server for conversejs. Did you end up having some success? I’m currently stuck with fileupload module.

I’m also interested in trying to join jitsi rooms from a different client. Do you have any information on how this can be done?