Embed jitsi into spring boot project

hello all, is it possible to embed jitsi server into maven spring boot application?
If so, is there any guides?

What is the goal to have that, the backend consists of a web server, jicofo, and videobridge.
There are supposed to be different processes so they can be easily spread on different machines so you can spread the load.
But there are cases where those are embedded in one process you can check openfire, there is a plugin which uses openfire as xmpp server and provides jitsi-meet experience with it.

Currently I have no load, so, nothing to spread.
Acrually, I need only audio calls for group of people.
I just now start to discover how it work, and found it’s a bit complicated. From my opinion, I need one websocket connection from browser to server, one input and one output stream and nothing else. But as I can see I should install jitsy meet as frontend server, jitsi videobridge (dunno what is it) and jicofo. My be you know more simple solution to achive this goal?

This is video conferencing solution, it is complicated as it solves a complicated task :slight_smile: but install is in few very simple steps.

You can always just use meet.jit.si.

If you still want to deploy your own solution only for audio I would say check sip servers, like asterisk and freeswitch, they have their own webrtc demos/solutions you can also use them with libs like jssip.