Embed Jitsi API into a Windows DLL

I am working on a project where I need to connect with Jitsi via a Windows DLL. So I need to be able to connect to jitsi similar to how it is done in the low-level calls in Javascript. Is there an API that I can call through a DLL that is not Javascript?

Does this run on the server??? … while jitsi-meet runs in the browser on the client machine … I don’t see the connection …
If you want to embed jitsi-meet in a desktop app then you best bet is embedding electron and loading jitsi-meet URL there or embedding jitsi-meet-electron app.

I have a normal jitsi server. For the client side I want to make connections and process the tracks just like I do on a web page for Javascript but instead the client is a Windows application. Since a windows application (desktop) does not have a browser is there an api for that? What I need is a DLL since I will be accessing this through a game development kit that can connect with DLLs.

To run the client on a machine you need a webview supporting webrtc, the easiest to achieve that is embed electron in your app, whether it is a dll or something or how is that done … I also have no idea and you need to check how people do it with electron. But whether you can then access tracks from the app … :man_shrugging: