Embed in website such as Weebly?


I would appreciate to know if the following facts apply to web sites such as Weebly, for general users like myself, and if so what this actually means to implement.

" Yes, Jitsi Meet has an External API that can be used to embed an existing Jits Meet instance into any webpage with just a few lines of code. Many of Meet’s options can be changed via configuration file. Web developers can even actively control the conference with a variety of commands and events. You can do this with your own self-installed instance or run it from meet.jit.si – no server installation required. See here for more on the Jitsi Meet External API".


Paul O


Weebly promotes " CUSTOM HTML/CSS & JAVASCRIPT The option to fully customize everything you need" so embedding a jitsi-meet meeting should be doable. It will require custom javascript though. You’d have to add code such as the following to your site:


Thanks Lenny. That is most helpful.

Paul O