Electron Screen Sharing is not working, please help

I am using ClojureScript as my programming language, But I have read the @jitsi/electron-sdk readme many times and I believe got the code (both in main and render) correct.

“dependencies”: {
@jitsi/electron-sdk”: “3.0.9”,
“electron”: “^16.0.7”,


init the render with the following webPrefrences:

{:nodeIntegration true
:enableBlinkFeatures “WebAssemblyCSP”
:contextIsolation false}

main process:

(setupScreenSharingMain @main-window “hc-meeting” “com.github.Electron”)

render process:

(let [init (.-initPopupsConfigurationRender sdk)
ss (.-setupScreenSharingRender sdk)]
(info " screen sharing ")
(init api)
(ss api))

But I still got the error:

Logger.js:154 2022-08-22T23:38:08.363Z [features/desktop-picker] Called JitsiMeetElectron.obtainDesktopStreams but it is not defined

another err message

Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin "file://" from accessing a cross-origin frame.

should I be worried about this?



nothing to do with jitsi meet

but when I develop with Electron I use this to avoid this problem

maybe it will help you


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Thanks for help!